The Challenge:

A new product innovation for Transformers is about to be released.  Marketing wanted to create a series of animated shorts to introduce the new product and play pattern to kids.


The Solution:

We decided to fuse the world and characters of Transformers with the humor of Bugs Bunny and Road Runner cartoons.  We worked with product CAD files and from those designed several characters.  We came up with all of the story ideas and settings and worked closely with a writing team at Hasbro to complete the scripts.  It was decided early on to produce the animation without any dialog so the content could be used globally.  Since we were going for a Looney Tunes feel the music and sound became an integral part of this project.  We created custom music and sound design to really accentuate the actions and moods of the characters.  We produced 6 shorts which all have been very popular on Youtube.


CLIENT: Hasbro

RESPONSIBILITIES: 3D modeling, animation, motion graphics, music composition, audio engineering & mix